Magic lives in the shadows and hidden places of our world

The story is set in the world of today, except in the hidden places where things most people would never believe are possible live. There are monsters in the world: werewolves, vampires, ghosts and even fairies. There is magic in the world: some people are born with the ability to do magic, others can work hard to learn it a bit of it with time. Sometimes people can even develop their powers through a cataclysmic experience and find they can suddenly cast a levitate spell when about to be hit by a speeding car. Whole streets are hidden from view, neighborhoods where when the kids play in the street some of them can fly.

Most of the time the monsters just want to get through the day like anybody else. Werewolves go to the store and pay rent. Vampires might be served by ghouls, but those ghouls have kids who need to go to school. Even fairy children have homework. Sometimes, if there’s enough of these shadow-people in an area, they might form a strange community of sorts. They might fight with each other, but they still need each other.

In San Francisco, they’ve built a school. At the Empyrean Academy, the children of monsters and magicians and even some lucky mortals come together to learn: how to hide from mortals, how to use their powers safely… and how to protect themselves from those things still hiding in the darkness who aren’t quite so willing to play nice.

The City has been a refuge of peace and reason for years … but there’s trouble brewing. A new Principal at the school is cracking down on the illegal spellbooks some kids are sharing – nobody knows where they came from, and he says they might be dangerous – but what kid doesn’t want a magical pet to keep them company? The ghouls and werefolk aren’t fighting anymore, but that just means they’ve ganged up to pick on the faeries, who seem to be building something /big/ in the tangled hedges behind the school to retaliate. And somebody might have /stolen/ one of the Founders of the Academy.

The other pr

All that’s missing is your character. Is she an orphan, like Harry – but born to magic? Or maybe the child of magical parents, working to restore the family’s good name (like a Malfoy who isn’t actually evil)? Perhaps she’s just one of the lucky few who just had something amazing happen, and suddenly discovered she could shoot fire from her fingers… but now needs to learn how to aim and control it? Is she better at sports or at finding secrets in books? Perhaps she channels magic through music instead? Would she make friends with a ghoul nerd, a werefolk hippy, a clockwork girl, a troll boy? … or would she mostly stick with other magician kids, working together to cast even more powerful spells?

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